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Xiah S2 livejournal layout

Visual Pollution presents 1 Xiah S2 (flexible squares) livejournal layout:

Visit sunriseabove to see the layout in action!

How to Install

How to install this layout:

1.) If you're using SYSTEM 1 layouts, first go to Journal Display and change the Style System to S2. Click Save Changes.

2.) In the Journal Display, now go to Select a New Theme, and in the search box search Flexible Squares and click on any layout with that theme. Click Save Changes.

3.) Now go to Custom CSS. At that section, select "No" in each of the dropdown menus, and in the large section at the bottom that says, Custom stylesheet, paste in the following code:

Click Save Changes.

Notes: And you can add sidebar links by going to Links List and follow the directions there. To add normal text to the sidebar, go to Custom Options and then to Sidebar and modify the options there. Click Save Changes. Also, if you do not like the pink background tile you can change the CSS "background-image: url('http://i42.tinypic.com/2q0mwqr.jpg');" at the very beginning to a different background image. The header is a transparent GIF so the background can be changed!

Please do not edit the image or remove the credit from the image. Also, it'd be nice if you could provide a link back to joongie in the sidebar! :)

This layout requested by: torawhore1990

Because I like to take requests, you can tell me what you want by requesting here!

Tags: css, junsu, s2 layout
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