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15 March 2011 @ 04:41 pm
!Requests ~ 2011  
Each month or so, I'll make a new request post and have spots... once they are filled, then that's it until I make the next post. Working on graphics can take a long time! :)

Winamp skin requests:
1.) Jessica (SNSD) ~ effectingyou
2.) CN BLUE ~ kinoe_garden
3.) Taeyeon (SNSD) ~ pooperscooper11
4.) Matsushita Yuya ~ cerraazizi
5.) ARASHI ~ cerraazizi

Wallpaper + Winamp skin request:

Livejournal layout:
1.) SHOW YOUR HEART ~ aeryn_aerie DONE
2.) CN BLUE ~ kinoe_garden
3.) Junhyung (BEAST ) ~ torawhore1990

Other requests:
1.) Matsushita Yuya COMM layout~ streetsoul07

Please include the following information:
Who it is, What you want, Give me the image links.


1.) From now on, I will only make LJ layouts if you're willing to let me post it for everyone to download! I'm tired of spending a lot of time coding and designing a layout when it's only for one person (unless you pay me! lol). Then, if you're willing to that, request your LJ layout.

2.) I will not use someone's artwork or graphic in a winamp skin etc. without their permission, so be sure to ask first if it's not your work.
Katk_no_uta on April 29th, 2011 10:00 pm (UTC)

Hi, I would like to request a GACKT-LJ layout, if possible.

This is my COM right now (http://gtweettrans.livejournal.com/). I like the layout as such. I like the colours, too. But it has no GACKT in it!

I would like to ask if you could do something with this picture (http://pics.livejournal.com/thomanatter/pic/00020fah) for the header and there are some things important to us (me and my mod)

- I like warm colours, but don't like it too flashy XD
- I search for something with a warm & a bit mysterious mood, really don't like cute layouts *lol*
- We need a white writing field of at least 730 pixel please, because of the charts we post m(_ _)m
- I like tribals and/or natural pattern, so if they are in header or background, surrounding GACKT-san, then I should like it
- Still I like quite clear layouts, so not too much details.
- Can u make a layout with Sticky-Post option or something similar (Sry, I've no clue of HTML, really!)

OK. I apologize for the many wishes in advice XD and hope that you still might have mercy with a HTML&Coding-Zero, like me! Because this COM is GACKT related and many people have joined us AND I spent much time working there, it would be great to have a fitting layout.

No matter how you decide, thank you for reading. ^_~